Whether it's for you or your home, ecoblooms has an ecofriendly alternative for you.


£5 including p&p

Made from plastic bottles and straws. Not only will they make your bag look good, they will make you feel good too. The ultimate ecowarrior statement piece. Limited to the straws I've been given but please get in touch​ and I'll try and create them in the colour you'd like.


£5 including p&p

These mini brooches may only be small in size but they're big on personality! Moulded from plastic lids, these fashion accessories are sturdy and the colour will never fade. Limited to the plastic lids I've been given but please get in touch and I'll try and create them in the colour you'd like.


From £10 plus p&p

Succulent plant pots made from plastic punnet tubs and plastic bottle lids. These can't be made to order as they require a huge amount of plastic and are dependant on what's been donated but please get in touch to find out what I've got ready made.


£5 including p&p

Every council is different in what it can take for recycling, but plastic lids tends to be on the, "No Thank You" list. I mould the lids into beautiful and sturdy rose keyrings.

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£10 plus p&p

In a bid to be a zero waste company and because I didn't want to let down all those people who were giving me their plastic to recycle, I use the ugly, leftover bits of bottles to make plant pots.

Available as mock stone/concrete formed style or a more fluted free form style, perfect for succulent gardens or even trinket bowls. 

Please get in touch here to send me your ideas.


From £10 to £24

Handmade from plastic bottles, plastic lids and plastic punnet tubs, these may be small plant pots but they use up a large amount of plastic.....perfect for every ecowarrior.

Dependant upon donations, these items aren't quick to create but get in touch here to find out what I have already made up or lead times for your ideas.


£20 including p&p

Created from the left over plastic from cutting flowers, these striking piece of art and multipurpose and ecofriendly, ensuring ecoblooms is a zero waste business. Use them as art, tealights and even a decorative vase holder.....all you need to do now is decide on the colour!

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£30 including p&p

Giant roses mounted on wooden placemats for the ultimate ecofriendly and upcycled 3D artwork.

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From £45 payment plans available.

Perfect for any time of the year. Choose from the colour of the wicker to the types of flowers....let your imagination go as wild as the flowers in nature.

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£25 including UK p&p

Created from pop bottles, these are beautiful and safe for any home with children or pets. Be inspired by Disney, Mother Nature or your own decor and let me know what you you would like here.


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