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Breathe a Little Easier

In these 'unprecedented times', we are all learning to live with a 'new normal' and for many of us that includes learing to live with wearing a facemask......sometimes for 5 minutes in the shop, sometimes for the 20 minute bus journey, sometimes all day at school or work.

However long it is, it can be uncomfortable, claustrophobic and overwhealming.

I was asked by a relative to try and come up with a version of a mask spacer as her children have to wear masks all day at school and were struggling.

A mask spacer is a plastic frame that sits inside the mask, between you and the fabric and keeps that fabric off your mouth.

"Hiya, any chance of making these from something? Tried yoghurt pots. I'd buy these recycled."

Challenge Accepted!

So......please find below the "how to" video for making your own mask spacer....from plastic milks bottles..........for FREE!

Please share this blog/video as I want everyone to feel that little bit more comfortable every day and breathe a little easier xxxxxx


Be careful with scissors,

Be careful with naked flames,

Be careful when trying on and shaping,

Maintain good hand hygiene when handling masks and spacer through the day,

Wash spacer with warm water and soap daily,

Ensure your mask can still cover your face, creating a contact 'seal' between fabric edges and skin.

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