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"Let's Start at the Very Beginning....."

"A very good place to start....."

So when I started this Blog, I thought the little reference to Sound of Music would be just a funny and cute introduction to a Blog all about me and how I started ecoblooms but......disclaimer alert!........I think I might be Maria Von-Trap!

Bear with me here......My middle name is Maria.

"Weak!" I hear you shout!

How about.......

I have short cropped hair.

I love being out in the countryside, climbing grassy hills with the family.

I can burst into song and dance at any moment, for a variety of reasons.

I am annoyingly optimistic.

But here is the clincher.....

I've also been known to make dresses from curtains. Okay, it was a duvet cover, but it counts.

Still with me?

Thank you!

Let's get back to the Blog.

I’m a mum of 2 boys, who loves walking the dog in the Yorkshire countryside.

I’ve always been crafty with a make do and mend attitude (handbags from knitted jumpers (that I accidentally shrunk in the wash) and dresses and bunting from duvet covers) and love up cycling. I’ve been very lucky to be at home while my boys grow up and enjoyed helping out at Church and with the PTA and local schools but always wanted something more; a job that still had the flexibility to allow me to be at home with the boys as my husband still works away a lot.

While walking the dog in February 2008, I was thinking about the David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series I’d just watched about plastic pollution in our oceans and remembered shrinking crisp packets in the oven as a kid to make keyrings and wondered what could be made with plastic bottles. I went home, drank the rest of the lemonade and then made a rose from the bottle. I put it on Facebook and the response was overwhelming.

I spent a week working on how to colour the plastic and getting supplies by asking for supplies on the village Facebook page and haven’t looked back.

I think that's exactly what Maria Von-Trapp would have done if she was here.

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