Rose buds as bookmarks


Small, medium or large

£6, £8 and £10 plus p&p

Aproximately 5cm, 8cm and 10cm respectively, in diameter. Price is not affected by colour.

Get in touch with your requirements.

Extra Large

£12 to £18 plus p&p

Price dependent on size and any additional foliage required.

Get in touch with your ideas.



From £25 plus p&p

Price dependant on handle/stem required.

Can be mounted on a plaque as Wall Art (follow link to see Wall Art in Products).

Get in touch to find out more.

Pop Bottle Flowers

From £6 to £15 plus p&p

Priced according to size the same as the milk bottle flowers. Again, colour does not alter the price.

Please get in touch with your design.


Keeping it simple

From £5 to £15 plus p&p

Beautiful just as they are. 

Please get in touch if these are perfect for you.