Your Day, Your Way.


Giant Roses

Just let me know your colour theme and I'll create show stopping giant rose bouquets.  Please talk to me about the different handles I can make.

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Mixed Flower Bouquets

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No matter the season you plan to marry in, an ecobloom bouquet can have any flower you want and can be stored until the big day.

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Single Stems

Feeling crafty? Got an artistic flair? Really want a real flower arrangement? Perfect! Just ask me to make one or a couple of everlasting flowers for you that you can then incorporate into your bouquet.

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A Touch of Whimsy

Traditional, Boho, Romantic, Glamourous or Whimsical, ecoblooms can help create the feel you want gold roses you got it.......rainbow roses and mythical flowers you got it.

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Allergies and lifestyle needs

If you suffer from hay fever but really want beautiful, realistic flowers on your wedding day, an ecobloom is the perfect solution to this.

The majority of my plastic comes from milk bottles, but if you're vegan or dairy intolerant, just let me know and I will use plastic from alternative containers.

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Sturdy flowers you don't have to worry about.......let your flower girls be as energetic as they want and let yourself and your guests just enjoy the day.

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Find your inspiration

Look in magazines, on Pinterest and through Google images and send me all your ideas and I'll get back to you with several quotes with varieties of size and style........may be your inspiration is simply the beautiful peacock and poppy dress you are going to wear.

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I will continue to adapt your order until it matches your ideas, wishes and budget.  If you need half sized flowers for the buttonholes, I'll work out how.  That's the beauty of having handcrafted, personalised wedding flowers.

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Blocking or blended hues

Keeping it simples or going as diverse as theme, family, season or story requires, ecoblooms can marry the colours you want into the bouquet you need.

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I don't charge extra for weddings. The cost of the bouquet is based on the cost of each individual flower.  I will look at your inspiration pictures and tweek with ratios of flowers and colours to achieve your look for the best price possible.

Flowers and prices.

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Headbands and garlands and grips, Oh My!

Please ask about the different accessories ecoblooms can do for you to complete your look.

It's all in the detail

I pride myself in being a perfectionist and will always make the most beautiful flowers I possibly can, no petal will be out of place but I will also make sure the little details are there for you too.  Just ask about the heat etchings into leaves I can do.......whether it be natural veins or personalised worded messages.

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One bloom, a couple of flowers or the whole thing, I can help create your perfect centrepieces.  Feel better knowing that the items you buy are everlasting and can be displayed at home after your wedding or given as momento gifts to special guests.

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Eco warriors

Whether it's your main reason for buying an ecobloom or just a coincidental extra to having an everlasting flower, you can be happy knowing that you have helped recycle some plastic and reduce the pollution on our planet.
Thank You.